Oh, Canada

The first week of June was a little hectic. I had just returned from San Francisco and was trying to catch up on things in the office before leaving midweek for a conference. I am so thankful I get opportunities like this to meet colleagues, learn best practices and explore new cities each year. I really do love it. However, this year, I was having trouble getting into the spirit of things because my head was still spinning with everything that needed to be done. But before I knew it, 5 a.m. on Wednesday rolled around and I was heading to the airport, destination: Denver. I love Colorado, so landing in the state instantly made me feel better. There was a refreshing breeze and I was ready to tackle the conference.

I was so thankful to spend the weekend with Lindsay, our new team member. It was great getting to know her better. We also met up with some Canadians, one of which I'd conferenced with before. They were such a fun group and our happy hour turned into back-to-back dinners. Over the next few days we had fun swapping stories and comparing notes. There were many more similarities than differences, but I did learn that vacation and maternity leave benefits are much more attractive in Canada. Perhaps we should take a page from their book on that! Although Canada sounded wonderful, I'm pretty partial to Oklahoma, USA. How can you not love this view?


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