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Monday was my first day back to work after a much needed (and much enjoyed) vacation! Kyle and I had a great time, and I'm so excited to share some fun photos/stories from our trip. That is still in the works though, so for tonight, I'll just leave you with a little of our Thanksgiving.

We were fortunate to get to share time with both families Thanksgiving weekend. We have so much to be grateful for, but here are just a few things that came to mind while we were indulging in a little turkey and pumpkin pie.

1. Togetherness. Not everyone gets to be with their loved ones on holidays and we don't take our time together for granted.

2. The way Asher says Uncle Kyle and wants to play the second we walk in the door.

3. Football. (for Kyle anyway...naps are more my style)

4. Conversations around the dinner table or the newly decorated Christmas tree.

5. The craziness that is the holiday season.

6. Conner's smiles.

7. Missing our extended family. Not everyone misses their c…

God Gave Me You

Today Kyle and I have been married for 3 years! It doesn’t seem like our wedding was that long ago. Although I can barely remember what life was like before Sept. 2, 2004, when we met for the first time. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful partner in life. We are different in MANY ways, but we are better together than we would be on our own. We might have our disagreements but there is no one I'd rather endure Oklahoma earthquakes with. :) We've a few of those over the past couple of days.

 I was so excited to get these today. It was just what I needed on a rainy day.
Kyle is taking me to Sushi House tonight when we both get off work. Then, in about week, we are off to Estes Park for an anniversary trip! I am very excited because this will be our first trip alone since our honeymoon. It's about a 12 hour drive, so we will definitely have plenty of quality time together! Not to mention our cabin has a private hot tub! Life can’t get any better. I know you are all je…

Little Blessings

On Monday Tony Blair was giving a speech at OSU and I decided to go. It was a fun experience. Compared to his resume, Kyle and I have an extremely ordinary life. It’s valuable but small (as Meg Ryan might put it). I know that our future will bring many wonderful and challenging things, but for the time being, I am happy to have the life we have. We are showered with little blessings and below are just a few of them:

1. Stillwater – I never thought Kyle and I would live in Stillwater for the long haul. We met here in September of my freshman year at OSU. It was a somewhat blind date because even though we’d been talking on the phone for about a month, I’d never even seen a picture of him. That was before the days when everyone had a Facebook page. I always knew this town would have meaning to me because of the time I had planned to spend here, but when I got a job at the Foundation, I began to realize that this is where Kyle and I would make our home. It’s a great place for us and has …