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Together Again

June was a big month for the Fox family. We had everyone together in the same room for the first time in years, and it was delightful! Brad and Tasha offered to host an early Father's Day. Their home was great for entertaining. There was lots of space for the kids to run around and all kinds of animals. Dogs, horses, goats, turkeys, peacocks...did I mention they live on a ranch?

Brad was the chef and he had prepared a crawfish boil. Conner had a great time watching him clean the "fishies" and, from what I hear, they tasted pretty good, too. I'm not a seafood fan, so I didn't try one, but the rest of the family dug in.

 Ella wasn't sure what to think about the crawfish. 
Ella had so much fun with her Uncles.

 The Feast! 
 I got some snuggles in, too. 
After lunch, Conner and Henry took turns riding Brick, Tasha's horse. The boys were brave, but they had nothing to be scared about with Brick. He is so well-trained (even though he does get some gastrointe…

Meeting Maegan

When Zach came home for Christmas, we found out he was dating someone. As you can imagine, we were excited for him and wanted to know ALL about her. He found this very annoying, but, fortunately for us, he was still willing to let us meet her.
He came for a visit in early June and brought Maegan along. There's nothing like meeting your boyfriend's parents for the first time and then having to stay at their house for six days with no escape. I'm sure there were plenty of times when she felt overwhelmed and a little smothered by us, but you never would have guessed it. She fit in so well!

Mom, Dad, Asher and I met Zach and Maegan at the airport and then took them to lunch in OKC. When we got home, we had a few short hours before heading over the Terry and Cheryl's for a pool party with the extended family. This was everyone's first time seeing Olivia, so she pretty much stole the show. The next day Grandma and Grandpa Donahue arrived and we spent the day…