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Parker's Birth Story

We are no longer in the yellow brick house, and I haven't used this space since we moved, however, I wanted to document Parker's birth story and this seemed like a good way to do it. Enjoy this one-time return to the blog.

March 16th was my due date. At each doctor's appointment leading up to it, I came in hopeful that I was making some progress. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to change. At my last check, I wasn't even dilated to a one yet, so we set an induction date. I did a little negotiating with Dr. Shreck so he would set it later in hopes of the little man coming on his own, but in the end, we found ourselves heading to the hospital on March 19.

 We were keeping the name a secret, but we did share that it started with a 'P.' That got my office mates thinking. They had this pool going for what he would be named and when he would come. I think Kristy ended up being the closest on everything. 
This is me on my due date. Unfortunately, it came and went with no…