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Revelations About Motherhood

It's a rare, rare moment around here. The sleeping baby will wake any moment, but I've somehow managed to get myself ready, pick up the house and finish this round of dish duty. So, for once, I actually have a few minutes to blog. I need to be posting Decker's 3 and 4 month updates, but I don't think I have that kind of time. So, very quickly, I'll just share some insights on motherhood. You know, since now I'm 4 months in and pretty much an expert! ;)

Over the last few months I've had some revelations about motherhood:

1. I will never, ever again have enough hands. Each morning, as we prepare to leave the house, I try to strategize about how I can get to the car in the least amount of trips. I am a fill-both-arms-with-grocery-bags-until-they-start-breaking girl and always have been. Who wants to make another trip? But now, I find myself taking 2-3 trips to the car every morning with all of our necessities for the day. So much for traveling light. And that&#…