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Chi-town Shenanigans

The Tuesday before last, I left for a trip to Chicago. The annual ADRP conference was there this year and while I've been in the past, this year was different because our ENTIRE team went. There were seven of us in all, and we had so much fun together!

Chicago is a place I've never really been dying to visit. I haven't been opposed, it just wasn't on the top of my list. However, after going there, I definitely want to go back. It's a very clean city and there is so much to do and so many wonderful things to see. Kyle and I will have to plan a trip there some day.

If I learned one thing this trip it was that I work with the most awesome people! On the airport parking shuttle on our way home we met a lady. She said she opted to take the full shuttle because she and four of her coworkers had been together for four days and needed a little time apart. We all smiled and nodded as if we understood completely, but in that moment I couldn't. We spent our spare time to…

The throw seen 'round the world...

So I know you're all disappointed that I haven't posted a Chicago update yet, but it's coming. For now, let's journey back in time to a day that Kyle is sure to never forget. The day he got to go on the OSU field at halftime and throw a football for the chance to win $500.

Let me remind you that this is the same man who was petrified to stand in front of 150 friends and family members at our wedding. My how people change over the years...

After winning the football toss outside of the stadium (5 out of 10, woo hoo!), it was on to the big show. Kyle was a little nervous throughout the first half, and before we knew it, there were only 6 minutes left. That was our cue. We headed down to the field. Now, I've been on the field a few times before but never during a game. It was so much fun and very exciting to be down there in the middle of all the action. That was worth it for me, but Kyle still had work to do.

Finally it was time for him to go out on the field. They …

A Wine-filled Weekend

September 8th was the second annual Hennessey Wine and Chocolate Festival. Kyle and I missed history last year because we were working and couldn't come see the big festival debut. However, we were not going to miss it this year. It also helped that Dad told us the date three months in advance!

I wasn't sure what to expect, but there was a great turn out at Memorial Park. I think they estimated between 800 to 1,000 people attended, which is basically half the town. It was a lot of fun and Dad even came home with a 3rd place prize. We were very proud. There are different awards, some based on popularity. It hurts Dad a little that most of his crowd are Baptists and therefore less likely to attend something like this. :)

Dad was busy at his booth the whole night, which made getting pictures difficult. I'm not sure if you can see it, but behind him is the sign Ty and Lisa made him for Father's Day
On our way to the festival, Asher thought he should be able to try Gran…