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Quinn is One!

A couple of weekends after Quinn's actual first birthday, we went down to Hennessey for her party. The weather was beautiful, which is something we never expected in January. Stacy likes to plan the party theme around the kids' favorite things. For Asher it's been hats, animals and Pokemon. Quinn was a little harder. She is such a happy girl, so she seems to like everything. However, the toys that are her favorites are the ones shaped like a donut. She likes to point her fingers and stick them through the center. So Stacy followed my advice and planned a donut-themed party for little Quinny.

It turned out great. Along with the usual crowd of family members, Jamey, Matt and their boys got to come, too. They live overseas, so we rarely get to see them. It was a treat to spend some time with them and the boys LOVED playing outside in the sand box.

Quinn had a great time at the party and was more interested in her presents than I thought she'd be. Of course, she still had…