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On the Eve of Christmas Eve...

In addition to the Fox family celebration, which I already shared, we also managed to squeeze in some time in Hennessey over the holidays. It was a strange year because for the first time, we weren't all together. Zach and Maegan came down for Thanksgiving but stayed in Maryland over Christmas. We definitely missed them, but thanks to technology, they were still able to stay connected.

I had Christmas Eve Eve off, so I was able to head to Hennessey a few hours early and help with all of the prep for our family's Christmas Eve game night later that evening. With fewer people, this year was a little less hectic than last year, but it is getting harder and harder to organize as the number of kiddos grows.

Mom planned a few games that Quinn and Asher could sit-in on, and I think they enjoyed that. After we finished those, they each opened a gift that would entertain them for a bit while the adults played "A Christmas Story" trivia and Heads Up. It was bedtime for poor Ol…

Merry and Bright

Christmas came SUPER fast this year! All of the baby prep kind of distracted us. Before I knew it, Christmas parties were upon us. We had planned to celebrate Christmas with Kyle's family the weekend before. With work schedules and the baby coming, we opted to celebrate earlier, rather than later. Our plans would have worked out great had Kyle not come down with a stomach bug and sinus infection just a few days before. It was pretty rough, and he still isn't 100%, so we had to miss out on the celebration.

We got pictures from the day, though, and it looked like they had a great time. The kids, especially. There's nothing like watching kids on Christmas.

 Such pretty girls! 
 Each year, the stacks of presents are almost as tall as the kids! 

 And, of course, even the boxes are a hit! 
 Aunt Tasha got lots of lovin' it looks like. 

 We played the Saran Wrap ball last year so this year's game was similar with a bit of a twist. They added oven mitts to make things a li…