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So long, summer

Well even though the weather hasn't realized it yet, we celebrated Labor Day last weekend so that means summer is coming to a close. Kyle was able to get off work a little early on Saturday so we could head to Wichita to see Greg and Stacie. Greg is back on the night shift so after watching the end of the OSU game, grabbing some supper and putting Henry to bed, the guys were off to fight crime. I am always amazed by my nephews and how much they change in just a few weeks. Henry can now say his version of Abby and Kyle, and it's so cute! He is still very good at his animal sounds and is learning his colors. But his absolute favorite things to play with are balls. He is obsessed with them and he says "a ball" every time he sees anything round (limes, bubbles, pregnant bellies, you name it).

 Henry loves to fist bump. He's also rocking his orange Converse for OSU game day! 
 Catching bubbles before bath time! 

 Henry was watching a little Curious George while doing…