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This March was my highly anticipated 30th birthday. It doesn't really bother me to get older. I'm not sure if that's because I am an old soul or if Kyle being a year older than me mentally prepares me for my next age. Either way, I'm glad that's the case. So when the big 3-0 got here, I wanted to mark the occasion by doing something fun. My word for the year has been daring, so I decided to do something I've never done before...go hot air ballooning!

I did a little research and ultimately decided to book a girls trip to Branson. It would be a nice weekend getaway, and we could stay in my family's condo. So on Friday, March 4, Kim, Krissi and I headed for the Ozarks. There was rain in the forecast, but my balloon guy said it looked like Saturday morning would be clear. How incredibly fitting to watch my 10,958th sunrise floating high in the air and taking in the beautiful scenery?! It was a perfect plan.

Until it wasn't. Rodney called late that evening …

Fast, Furious February

February flew by, and, to be honest, I don't remember a lot of details at this point. So, you are getting one quick post that updates you on the whole month. Although I don't remember specifically what we did every weekend in February, I do know that we had lots to celebrate and many great evenings with wonderful friends.

 I started the month off with a quick trip to Hennessey. Quinn and Olivia play so well together! 
 Then, we continued our tradition of watching the Super Bowl over at the Morton's. Things are a bit different now that there are two little girls in the picture, but Kyle LOVED playing in Blakely's tent with Morgan!
 ...or by himself

 Kyle turned the big 3-1 on the 9th. We celebrated with a birthday dinner at Kyoto's with Tom, Krystal and Mark. 
We were surprised, honored and THRILLED to be the guests of Mike and Anne Greenwood on the night they were inducted into the OSU Alumni Hall of Fame. I am so in awe of the generosity displayed by this humbl…

Some bunny's TWO!

It was mid-January when we celebrated Quinn's second birthday. The weather was wonderful, just as it had been the year before. That meant the kids spent most of their time outside on the swing set and trampoline, but, eventually, they made their way in for presents and cake.

Since I'm a few months behind, I can report that Quinn is a sassy but oh so sweet two-year-old. She can be a little short in the patience department at times and may occasionally intend to ruin your photo with her "no cheese" face, but she's also quick to say sorry in that soft, sweet voice of hers. Josh and Stacy already have their hands full with her, but I can't wait to see the spunky little girl she's growing into. Happy birthday, Quinn! Your Aunt Abby and Uncle Kyle love you very much.

 The party was bunny themed because Quinn has to have her "fluffy bunny" to sleep at night. It's her favorite toy.

 Josh did a great job on her cake. The day of her party was also th…