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The End is Near...

We are having steak tonight, which means Kyle is cooking so I have a few minutes for a blog. I am happy to report Kyle and I were both here in Stillwater this weekend...and we had NOTHING on the agenda. This is quite rare, but it was kind of nice not to have anywhere to be. Of course, we still found things to entertain us.

Tom came down on Friday night to look for a rent house since he is moving to Stillwater July 1st! He and Kyle will be working at the same dealership so they will get A LOT of quality time together. I am pretty sure one of the houses we looked at was haunted, but luckily Tom didn't go with that one. He ended up getting an apartment at Squires Landing, which is where Kyle and I used to live. Such good memories...

On Saturday we rented Hall Pass, which was pretty inappropriate but still funny. Then on Sunday Kyle and Kurtis played 27 holes of golf while I finished my blog book at Amanda's house. I ordered it yesterday, and I can't wait for it to come in!


A Frightening Father’s Day

With babies all around us, people keep asking Kyle and me when we are going to have a little one (as if we can predict the future). We usually pretend we can and say not for a while. This is then followed by a disappointed response, particularly from Kyle’s parents. I don’t blame them. I’m sure we’ll make some pretty cute grandkids some day, but I don’t think we’re quite there yet.

A dream I had just before Father’s Day further highlighted this. During the dream we were at a late movie that ended around 2 a.m. When we got home, our new neighbors were having a block party so we went over to meet them. An hour later, they ask us something about our family and it suddenly dawns on me that we have a daughter. I ask Kyle where she is and he says I thought you put her in the car. We immediately excuse ourselves and ask the new neighbors not to call DHS on us. The second we leave, they do and lucky for us, the cops are there when we realize we’ve been car jacked and our one-year-old is missin…

Lessons Learned in Cake Class

I like trying new things, but I always struggle when I don’t pick something up right away. It’s not that I expect to be great at everything, but I feel that if you follow the rules you should get a positive result every time. That hasn’t been the case in my cake class so far…

I had no idea this class was going to be so intense. There are a lot of things you have to do at home to prep before each lesson. This past week we were supposed to come to class with an 8” cake baked, filled, frosted and ready for design. It doesn’t sound that hard, but I had several issues – or “learning opportunities” as my instructor would say. Here are a few:

1. Confectioner’s sugar = powdered sugar (Don’t mix this up with regular sugar or you will have to throw away the double batch of frosting you just spent the better part of an hour beating to get it to be less grainy.) Luckily I had a sister-in-law that answered her phone at 10 p.m. to give me this little tip.

2. When turning down the oven temp. 50 degree…


I have been such a bad blogger as of late. Sorry about that. With trips, goodbye parties, book club and cake class, I haven’t had a ton of time. Which means I owe you a lot of updates! However, I know your time is valuable so below are some quick hits.

1. Immediately after my last post, I flew to Austin for the Donor Relations conference. It was a great time, and I learned there are few things better than Amy’s coconut chocolate rum ice cream. Thanks to Candice for introducing me to that one!

I ate every drop!

2. My boss of 3 years is moving to another department! :( I am very sad to lose her but really happy that she is getting this opportunity. Thank goodness she’ll still be at the Foundation!

I spent a few nights this weekend working on her going away present.

3. I’m about to have another nephew! Jerilyn is due in early August and I’m so excited. I went to Wichita a few weekends ago to plan the baby shower. That’s something I’ll be doing again very soon because Stacie is expecting a lit…