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2 Months And Counting...

Month two got off to a bit of a rocky start thanks to some nursing issues. Fortunately,  we were able to adapt and got to do some pretty fun things. That included Decker's first trip to Kansas! 
Week 5  Decker attended his first service at Life.Church. He did great and slept the whole time. We tried (unsuccessfully) to transition off the nipple shield, which led to much longer nursing sessions. We were both worn out! 
He outgrew his smaller newborn outfits/sleepers and wore his coming home outfit for the last time.
He is now startled by sounds (mainly Oliver barking at imaginary things outside)!Decker is pretty much bald on top but his hair on the sides is long enough to tuck behind his ear. It's a great look!

Week 6  Decker's eyes began changing to brown. They seem to still go back and forth, but they got much darker this week. He started sleeping 8 hours a night regularly. (We are spoiled!) He loves to take trips to visit Mommy's and Daddy's coworkers.  Decker met G…