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My Best Friend

I was so excited to bust out my sewing machine this past weekend. I've had it since Christmas, but I've never had the time to buy supplies and actually do something with it. Needless to say, I enjoyed it quite a bit. Look at my new sewing kit!

Something I love about sewing is that you can do it while thinking about other things. This past weekend, one of those things was friendship. Many people are lucky enough to have a best friend. Maybe it’s someone you work with or someone you roomed with in college. For me, it’s Kimberly. We’ve been friends for literally longer than I can remember. I couldn’t tell you how old we were when we first met, but most of my memories from elementary school and beyond include her.

There are a lot of great things about having someone in your life who’s been there for it all. We share a history that few can understand. I suppose it’s similar to what you have with your siblings, but it’s more special because you choose to be friends and continue to m…

The Big 2-7

Happy birthday to my handsome husband! Kyle turned 27 yesterday. Although he wanted his birthday to be very low key, he still had a great day. His Mom and Dad came down to take us out to dinner and then Tom came over for a day-old chocolate cake. (Kyle doesn't like a freshly baked cake for some reason, so I had to be sure to make it the day before.)

Although it was Kyle's birthday, it felt like mine. I came home from work to discover we had new living room and dining room furniture! Pretty exciting stuff! Greg and Stacie came to visit last weekend and asked us if we'd like to swap furniture with them so they would have a little more space. We eagerly agreed, but I didn't expect to get it so soon. Yay for us!

We may have to do some re-arranging but these are our new couches! You can see our new dining room table in the birthday cake picture above. 
Here are some pictures from last weekend. It was SO much fun hanging out with Henry all day and doing absolutely nothing b…

The Wait