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Celebrating 60 Years

Kyle and I are blessed to have grandparents on each side who celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary this fall. And just a month apart, at that! I already posted a few photos of the Fox celebration, so let me share some from the Donahue celebration.

Grandpa thought it would be a nice idea for everyone to get together in Wichita to celebrate their anniversary. It turned out to be so much fun! I hitched a ride with Mom and Dad and arrived Friday night. We made it just in time for dinner with Grandma, Grandpa and Gary. The next day, we hit up the trampoline park and the mall before the rest of the crew got there for dinner.

 Uncle and Maegan were just as excited as Asher and Quinn about the trampoline park idea.

That evening, we had the back part of the restaurant to ourselves. It was nice to catch up with everyone while we looked at old photos and heard about times gone by. After we cut the cake, Grandpa got up to say a few words. He got emotional and so did everyone else, but it …