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The Hard Days

Life with a newborn is many things. Most days are great and filled with cuddles and diaper changes and laundry. So that might not sound all that great, but you get into a routine, and you learn to love it. Every now and then, though, life throws you a curve ball and something gets screwed up. It might be the baby's eating or sleeping or health. All of the sudden, the routine you had just settled into vanishes and you feel trapped. Trapped in the long hours that lie ahead. Long hours full of questions and worry and wonder and very little sleep. Fortunately, at the two month mark, I have only experienced a handful of these days. Although they are few, they have definitely left a lasting impression.

One of these hard days came at week 5. We were in our routine and loving life. Decker had started being a little fussy in the evenings from gas pain. I thought part of the problem may be how he was eating. Nursing with a shield makes it really easy for the baby to come on and off. He was …

1 Month And Counting...