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Fun on the Farm

I am getting so close to catching you all up to present-day! I had hoped to get there this weekend, but my body had other plans as I was busy trying to fight the flu. I'm still not recouped 100% and plan to see the doctor tomorrow, but I do feel like blogging, so that's a good sign!

OSU's fall break was the same weekend as homecoming, but fortunately, Asher's fall break was the weekend before, so I got to tag along with Mom, Dad, Stacy and the kids to Kansas. We found out shortly before leaving that Regina's clan wouldn't be there because Haley made it to state in tennis! We were sad not to see them but very excited for Haley.

So I took off early on Thursday and we headed to the farm.

 Quinn is not a napper, so we weren't sure how she'd do on the trip. It turns out she did GREAT. Stacy did have a full-time job keeping her entertained, but she's easy to please. Asher on the other hand, didn't appreciate losing service on his iPad. I tried to tell…

Pumpkin Pickin'

A few weeks ago, Kyle decided last minute that we could go to Wichita to meet the rest of the family for a day at the pumpkin patch. It was a great surprise for me because I LOVE pumpkin patches and spending time with my nieces and nephews.

They took us to the Apple Jack Pumpkin Patch, and it was the coolest one I've ever been to! They had all kinds of things for the kids to do. Several trains to ride, big slides, a zip line, corn mazes and, Kyle's favorite, a pumpkin cannon. It was a great time watching the boys run around, having fun and laughing. And by boys, I mean Henry, Conner and Kyle. They did everything together, except the trains since Kyle exceeded the weight limit. :) Overall, I would say Kyle's first visit to the pumpkin patch was a success! Let's hope there's many more in our future.

These two have so much fun together! 

Such a selection!

We weren't very impressed with the food, so Kyle decided to eat two lunches and his BBQ looked much better th…