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Dazed and Congested

After the Homecoming game, we showered and headed to Enid. Our dear friend Tom comes to visit us in Stillwater all the time. He’s even met us in Hennessey a few times. Yet, in the 7 months he’s lived in Enid, we’ve never even seen his house. It was time to rectify that. So we met up with him and went out to dinner at Callahan’s. Aside from the intoxicated, loud brunette at the next table, it was a great time. Even if Tom "forgot" his wallet at the house. :)

The next day we had planned to meet Josh, Stacy and Asher for lunch and then head to Covington for Daze in a Maze. Plans changed when Josh found a deal he couldn’t resist on a ‘50s Coke machine. So the boys were off to Oklahoma City. When they got back, Kyle wasn’t feeling well and decided he needed to go to the minor emergency clinic for a sinus infection. It didn’t even occur to me to go with him. What kind of a wife am I! Luckily he made it OK and after about three and a half hours and two shots, he was back and feelin…

Homecoming Happenings

Homecoming feels like a lifetime ago and it was only this past weekend! It was a very fun week/weekend. At work, the students finally got to carry out the #CowboyThx campaign. It was an appreciation idea they came up with while I was adviser, but we never actually did it. Matt did a fabulous job executing everything with the students and at the end of the week, more then 1,500 students signed this thank you banner to OSU donors. What fun!

If you recall last year, I skipped Walkaround because I was so exhausted, so I was really looking forward to it this year. Brandon and Krissi had us over to their house for Frito chili pie (yumm!) and then we headed out: Kim, Trey, Kyle x 2, Brittany and Jackson. It was so much fun hanging out with a 5 month old! Oh, and the house decs were as impressive as they always are.

 It takes a village! 
 Me and the Theta girls.

The next day, we skipped the Sea of Orange Parade. This was the first parade I’ve missed in 4 years. With no StuFu duties a…


Fall is my absolute favorite season. I know you know all of this already because I am NOT shy about it. However, this fall was a little slow going for me. I didn't get decorations out until a few weeks ago, and I felt like it was slipping by without me really enjoying it. So I decided to host a little pumpkin painting party to celebrate. I did it sort of on a whim, which is totally unlike me, but it was SO much fun! I'm so glad I decided to do it.

I had fun shopping for supplies, planning the menu and setting everything up. The guests had one requirement - B.Y.O.P (bring your own pumpkin), oh, and some creativity. The designs came in all shapes and colors, and if I ever doubted the creativity and fun of our little group, this certainly proved me wrong. This was the perfect activity for a rainy day. However, that did pose some problems for getting the still-drying pumpkins to the car! Or not in Michal's case... :)

Before we do a picture recap, let's talk fall food for a…

Family Funday

It cooled way down this past weekend! While I would typically be very excited about this development, I found myself wishing it would have happened on a different weekend because we'd planned the MS Walk for Oct. 6. The weather did effect our turn-out, but as always, I still had a great time hanging out with the committee and raising money for a good cause.

Once the event was over on Saturday, I was pretty much worthless. I jumped into my sweat pants, watched RHONY and took a nap. We had nothing planned for Sunday until Kyle's parents called to see if we wanted to come to Ponca for Oktoberfest. We were so glad they did! We had a great time. I think I had been once before and it was fun to see all of the creative crafts the vendors had. If we had been in Kyle's truck, we would have gone home with a new piece of furniture. Oh well, I guess things happen for a reason... Kyle on the other hand, has been many times before. He got to walk down memory lane and take home two big c…

On a warmer day...

Once upon a time on a day that was MUCH nicer than this one, Aunt Abby got to escape the grind and babysit Asher while Mamo and Grandpa were in South Carolina at Zach's graduation. Aunt Abby and Asher had a fabulous time reading books, doctoring animals and playing on the jungle gym. Unfortunately, before they knew it, Mommy was on her way home from work, and Aunt Abby had to go play bunko with the senior citizens. It was a fabulous day that provides some very warm memories on a cold day like this one.

 Ready to roll! He had to help Aunt Abby find the stroller and borrow her glasses, but after that, we were good to go! 

 He got a little distracted at the Christian Church playground and wanted to take some pictures for Mamo with my camera. The first few were like this. 
 However, as you can see, they improved a little bit with practice.
 I think he would snack on marshmallows all day if we'd let him! He HAS to get that from me! 
Another afternoon snack. Mom came home just in t…


We celebrated two birthdays with the Taylor family on Sunday. The first was Dad's 54th and the second was Asher's 3rd. I have to say that Asher overshadowed Dad just a little bit, but it's hard to compete with a cute little 3-year-old. Something tells me he didn't mind having to share his day! :) Grandpa's are great like that.

Asher's party was a fire fighter theme, which was a little random. He likes fire trucks, but he's a farmer at heart and that's pretty much all he got for his birthday. Well that and clothes, but he wasn't very excited about those. Overall, it was a great day and Asher had a ton of fun playing with his cousins and his new toys. Here are some photos from the party.


 Asher and Uncle Tyrus
 Not sure what's going on with Asher's face in this one, but he's not into photos lately. 
 Playing on his new swing set. 

 Asher's audience waiting with baited breath for the opening to begin. 

 This was the second…