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A month and counting...

Well we've made it through our first month (and then some) with Oliver. Weeks 1-3 were rough but the last few weeks have gone SO much better. It really is like night and day. We finally found a way to rig his crate so he won't escape during the day. That's not to say he hasn't tried a few times, but fortunately they were unsuccessful attempts.

I have done a great job documenting the frustrations and hiccups of our dog owning experience so far, but it hasn't all been bad. Here are a few things I love about having Oliver in our lives.

1. He gets us moving. We have been much more productive lately because instead of sitting around in the evenings we have a dog to feed and walk and clean-up after. And by the way, Kyle has been a great help in keeping the house in order. I think he's mopped more in the last month than he had all of last year, and I love him even more for that! ;)

Oliver is so good at taking baths! We took him to the groomer for the first time and th…

Celebrating Love

Last weekend we went to Ponca to celebrate Kyle's parents' anniversary. They have been married for 37 years! What a wonderful example they are to us. It was a beautiful day. We got to play in the park, walk Oliver, shop for baby girl clothes, have a cookout with the grandparents and enjoy time together. It was a great Sunday.

 Nana and Papa didn't have any trucks at their house, so the boys got to go shopping for some. They spent the rest of the afternoon playing with them.

I love Conner's laugh! He and Kyle have been having so much fun together wrestling around and giving tickles.
 Henry showing Nana his trucks. 
 And now it's Great Grandma and Grandpa's turn...

 I am going to have to get a good camera after seeing these great pictures Stacie took with hers. Some day...
Henry decided to check out the park while Conner was down for his nap. 
Of course Kyle had to get in on the fun. 

The boys love cars just like their daddies, uncles and papa. They walk aroun…

Hell Week...otherwise known as week 3

Well last week was my birthday week, which should be one of the better weeks of the year. I thought Oliver would sense it somehow and choose that week to stop his shenanigans and get used to the new schedule around here. Unfortunately, he didn't get the memo.

Monday was a surprise snow day, which was absolutely delightful. I hadn't felt well all weekend and we were out of town, which meant things around the house were a mess. So Oliver and I slept in, cleaned the house, went grocery shopping and played in the snow. It was a great start to the week.

Oliver loved eating the snow and getting to run around and chase his Frisbee in it. 

Tuesday I came home to find my little black cat in pieces on the floor. Mom gave me the wooden cat in college because I couldn't get a real one. Growing up, we used to have a black cat named Magic, and I loved her. She was the first indoor only cat Mom let us have after several indoor/outdoor cats got ran over. Unfortunately, my brothers torment…

Everything Else

I know my posts have been entirely Oliver-focused lately, but there are other things going on in our life. So here's a little variety for those of you who aren't dog lovers.

We've been quite sporty lately, going to Thunder games, our first tennis match and starting parks and rec volleyball again.

Thunder Up!

Some of the games have been so close and super fun to watch!

It turns out our tickets are only a few rows away from Lisa's, so we get to see them when we go. Ty even gave us a behind the scenes tour after one game. It was great!

We were so excited to attend the opening of the Mike and Anne Greenwood Tennis Center. It is such an impressive facility, and we learned that we really enjoy watching tennis!

I've also been getting plenty of girl time, which I love. Kim, Krissi and I have a standing date every Monday to watch the Bachelor together. Julie started the season with us, but she just had a precious little girl, so we've been missing her the last few wee…