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Mom's Brithday Weekend

Back in August, we got together to celebrate Mom's birthday. That weekend was also Pat Hennessey Day, so there was PLENTY to do on Saturday. Tyrus and Lisa were in town, so I went down on Friday to get some extra time with the littles. It was a lot of fun seeing them together.

By Sunday, Kyle had joined us and we were able to face time Zach, so it was ALMOST like we were all together. Overall, it was a great weekend, and it reminded me yet again how thankful I am for my family. Mom is the center of that family, and we are so grateful for all she does for each and every one of us. I can't imagine there is a better mom or mamo on this planet. Happy birthday, Mom! We love ya.

 Asher and Quinn love making baby Olivia laugh. 
Quinn is getting so big. She's a spunky, busy little girl who is all over the place most days. Her favorite word right now is "yes." She says it all the time and it comes out with the cutest little accent.  

 Quinn thought it was SO funny when …


July 1 began a new fiscal year at work and a big change for our team. The Compliance and Stewardship department was merged with Donor Relations, so my life came full circle as I once again joined the DR team and moved back into the Murphy House. I am excited about this change and the opportunities it will bring. Plus, I am thrilled to still be working for a manager I love and a team that is talented, creative and, best of all, fun. Now there are many more of us, but we've been able to hold on to some familiar traditions like One Word.

Last year, my word was GIVE. It was definitely within my wheelhouse considering I work for a nonprofit and write reports that celebrate generosity for a living. But Kyle and I managed to find new ways to be givers, taking a trip to the Dominican for our first (and possibly only - if Kyle has a say in it) volunteer vacation. It was quite an adventure, and I am so glad we got to experience it together.

This year, my word makes me much more uncomfortabl…

Conner's four...and FULL of energy!

In early August we all got together to celebrate Conner Shelton Payne as he turned four. The time is going oh-so fast, but maybe that's because these little ones keep us on our toes.

We got to Conner's house a little early and he was so excited to see us. He was running all over the house, showing us his toys and laughing non-stop. Then he got his mower out and the fun REALLY started! :)

Before we knew it, Kyle's parents arrived and it was time for us to head to the Douglass pool for a little swimming. I hadn't planned to get in, but it was pretty warm and who wants to sit out in the heat when everyone else is splashing around in the pool?! Plus, it was tons of fun to be able to play with the kids and help them go down the slide and splash in the water.

These two had to relax a little after a stressful drive in. They aren't the most patient drivers. :)
They had toys to play with at the pool, and Conner had a blast playing with this one. 
Little miss Ella floated ar…