Mom's Brithday Weekend

Back in August, we got together to celebrate Mom's birthday. That weekend was also Pat Hennessey Day, so there was PLENTY to do on Saturday. Tyrus and Lisa were in town, so I went down on Friday to get some extra time with the littles. It was a lot of fun seeing them together.

By Sunday, Kyle had joined us and we were able to face time Zach, so it was ALMOST like we were all together. Overall, it was a great weekend, and it reminded me yet again how thankful I am for my family. Mom is the center of that family, and we are so grateful for all she does for each and every one of us. I can't imagine there is a better mom or mamo on this planet. Happy birthday, Mom! We love ya.

 Asher and Quinn love making baby Olivia laugh. 

Quinn is getting so big. She's a spunky, busy little girl who is all over the place most days. Her favorite word right now is "yes." She says it all the time and it comes out with the cutest little accent.  

 Quinn thought it was SO funny when Asher would throw the ball way up into the air. She wanted Dad and I to take turns, too.

 Pat Hennessey Day started bright and early with a chuck wagon breakfast before the parade. We opted to be lazy, have breakfast at the house and watch the parade from the front yard. It was a pretty good seat.

 Especially with this girl on your lap! 

 We finally got around and had lunch downtown. SOMEONE (Asher) had the brilliant idea to get snowcones before we headed home. This girl had red stains on her hands for the rest of the day. 

  We put Quinn down for a nap and then went to pick up some turtles for the races. 

 And when I say "pick up," I am using that term loosely. This is Asher explaining to me why he's too afraid to actually pick up the turtle by himself. "They have these claws..." Stacy said the real reason is because he doesn't want to get peed on. 

 This is as close as he got. 

 While we waited for the races to start, we found some shade and spent some time decorating stick horses. 

 Ready for the race! The kids had two turtles. Quinn's was a lot more active, but Asher insisted on racing his own. 

 Turns out, his turtle must have been conserving its energy because it got 3rd place! That meant Asher got a medal, and he was super excited about it. 

 There wasn't much money left in the money mound, but that didn't stop the kids from having a grand ole time. 

 It was a HOT weekend, so we all welcomed a dip in the pool.

After dinner, we relaxed outside before squeezing in a quick soccer game.


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