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New Things

About a week and a half ago Kyle and I were getting really frustrated by the long winter nights. Both of our schedules had slowed and once we got home from work, the only thing on the agenda was changing into our sweats and watching TV. Now that's fine every now and then but after a few weeks it gets really depressing. We had to do something to get out of our rut, so here are a few new things we've been up to.

1. Game nights with friends. In the past couple of weeks we've had two game nights and they have been so much fun. One in Stillwater at the house and the other in Ponca at Mark and Karin's house (They will soon be moving and we also got to a tour of their new house. Very exciting stuff!). Both included a few cocktails and a little friendly competition, which made for good times.

2. Exercise. That's right, you didn't misread that, we are now exercising in the evenings. We do it together and it's so much easier than me getting up in the morning by myself.…


So it appears my blog has turned into a place for confessions, but after yesterday, I couldn’t help but post another. When I was in middle/high school my best friend Kimberly and I were obsessed with O-Town. If you're a little rusty on your boy band trivia, that's the one that formed from the TV show Making the Band (the original, without P. Diddy) and had profound hits like "Liquid Dreams" and "All or Nothing."
So you can imagine my excitement when I found out yesterday that the band is reuniting! I have been listening to O-Town songs all day reminiscing about all the memories. Including the time that we almost met them in Georgia during a Frontliners mission trip. But that's another story (sorry for those of you that were DYING to hear it).

I was thrilled to hear this news for many reasons, but mainly because it seems their lives have taken a turn for the worse since breaking up. I think there is no sadder reality show than There and Back, which featur…

Biggest Loser

When people ask me if I watch the Biggest Loser, I used to say that I watch an episode here and there, but I’m coming out of the closet. The truth is that I watch the finale and absolutely nothing else. I feel a little guilty admitting it because it’s kind of like skipping dinner and eating dessert, but that’s the way I roll. At the Foundation, we started our second Biggest Loser competition among the staff this week. I didn’t participate in the last round because I typically have no interest in these types of things, but this round, I need a little motivation so Ithought I might as well enter. The prize is a whopping $240! In other news, Asher can finally say my name! I called home one day last week and Zach told me that Asher said my name 2 seconds before I called (yeah, I think he’s psychic). So on Saturday, I just had to go to Hennessey to hear it for myself. He used to barely talk at all, but now he jabbers all day long. It's so adorable!

Messy boy!

Enjoying a book with Grandp…

2010 in a Nutshell

Kyle and I rang in the new year in the parking lot of the Carmike Cinema with Ashlea and Nehemiah. It was a great evening. We went to dinner and then watched The Fighter, which wasn't bad, but not really my cup of tea. It was a lot of family bickering, cuss words and people getting beat up. Kyle enjoyed it.

Now that 2011 is here, I started thinking about the past year and had several revelations:

1. My husband spends a lot of his time in the doctor's office. Between getting his wisdom teeth out in March, visiting the ER in June and having surgery in July, he's pretty much an expert at racking up medical bills. Throw in a couple of sinus infections, and I think he's had his fair share of illnesses for a while. Let's hope 2011 is healthy and accident free!

2. Our families are multiplying like rabbits. Three of my cousins welcomed new additions to their families, we gained a brother-in-law and a sister-in-law, and we found out that Kyle's sister will soon be having a…