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My Dad

It's Dad's birthday today. We celebrated with him yesterday, and it was a wonderful ending to the weekend. Below are some photos.

Asher helped Dad open his presents. That's good practice for his first birthday next week!

We got Dad a grill for his birthday.

Josh gave Kyle a hair cut, too. He got a little cold, which is why he's wearing a trash bag. I promise we aren't as redneck as we seem!

When I was a teenager, I went through a stage when I didn't really enjoy having my parents around all of the time. Kyle can attest that that's not true anymore! I love visiting them any chance I get, and I especially love days like yesterday when the whole family is together.

As far as traits go, I take more after my mom (brown eyes, fine hair, mild temperament, etc.) but I have picked up plenty of things from my dad along the way. I think three of the most important things I've learned from watching him the past 24 years are:

1. Hard Work
As a small business owner and th…

Life's Too Short

I have so much to catch up on since my last post, where to begin?

I suppose I will begin with the fact that I have a new cousin! Landon James Morrison was born on Sept. 7 and we cannot wait to meet him! Krista (Landon’s mom) and I are the same age, and it totally weirds me out that we are old enough to be having kids. I remember when we used to play with our Polly Pockets together! Those were the days. I guess that’s how life is. You wait around for what seems like forever to grow up, and then before you know it, life starts speeding by. I am going to Kansas in October, so hopefully we will get to meet the newest edition to the Donahue clan then. If so, I promise to post photos.

Kyle and I have had one busy weekend after another, which means we have a very messy house! Overall, though, we have been having a blast watching our first-ever Stillwater fireworks show with Kim and Trey, golfing, enjoying a cookout with Kyle’s family, going to the city to shop with the girls, watching OSU foot…