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Where I Come From

Almost two weeks ago we got together to celebrate Mom's birthday. How lucky we are to have her! She is one of the most selfless people I know, and my goal in life is to be more like her. There are a lot of kind people in this world, but Mom is in a different class. I don't believe I've ever met anyone who didn't have positive things to say about her. I am so thankful to have been raised by someone of great integrity who has a servant's heart and loves the Lord. I pray we get to celebrate many, many more birthdays with her!

That weekend also happened to be Pat Hennessey weekend, so I went down early on Saturday to enjoy the festivities with Asher and Quinn. I have vague memories of Pat Hennessey Day in the past, so it was nice to relive some of those. However, the stifling heat made me more than ready to leave downtown and hit the pool.

 Just your usual traffic jam. 
 Miss Quinn looked awful happy to be at the parade.

 The little cowboys sat on the curb to get t…

Branson Fun

I have been begging Kyle to go on vacation ever since our San Antonio trip got canceled. He finally caved, and while it wasn't the week-long getaway I'd been dreaming of, I was willing to take whatever I could get. So we planned a long weekend trip to Branson and invited Tom and Krystal to come with us.

This trip was much different from the last trip we took to Branson because it was the height of tourism season. The town was full of people. I liked the change of pace, but Kyle was not thrilled with the traffic. We did have a great time, though (as long as we were outside of the car).

 Optimus Prime was in Branson the same time we were, so of course the boys wanted to make that our first stop. 
 Next we were off to the go-carts! Can you tell I was excited? Or at least I was until I went to pass Kyle and he crashed into me, spinning me around. So. Not. Cool. 
 Since the boys picked out our morning stops, us girls decided we deserved a pedicure and massage while they went golfi…