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Accidents Happen

Well, so much for a quiet weekend.

Kyle and I did have our date on Friday evening and it was wonderful. We went to Kyoto for dinner and then stopped by Marble Slab for dessert before taking the motorcycle out for a one-hour spin. That was the longest ride I'd ever taken, and I was hurting by the end of it. But it was a great night to ride, and we really enjoyed ourselves. It was the perfect farewell ride.

Here's a pic after our date night.

On Saturday morning my phone woke me up. It was Kyle's brother calling to tell me Kyle had been in a motorcycle accident on the way to work and went to the ER with a broken collar bone and some other injuries. He is really good a delivering bad news (maybe because he's a cop and it's pretty much a job requirement), so I wasn't too worried. On my way to the hospital, though, I had to pass the intersection where it happened and when the front of Kyle's bike was on one side of the road and the rest of his bike was on the other,…

When it Rains, it Pours

It's funny how in life you can go days, weeks and months doing the same things. No major changes or hiccups, just smooth sailing. But when change comes, boy does it come!

Our life had been trucking along like normal and then Kyle decided to trade in his car for a motorcycle (a decision he regrets about every other day). Then we bought a house. Then I changed positions at work. Then our TV broke and we HAD to get a new one because who can live without a flat screen 46" television? (Just the thought of it boggles my mind! :)) Then my boss left on maternity leave. Then two of Kyle's best friends and coworkers changed jobs. On top of all that, both of our jobs have required professional development that took us away from each other two weeks in a row, which was a total bummer.

I don't dislike change, in fact a coworker of mine says change is the only thing you can depend on, and I kind of agree with her. But enough is enough. I'm ready to settle into a new normal. Hopef…

"Our" First Entry

We have been living in our new home for 19 days now and I am happy to say that all the painting is done, the boxes are unpacked and the decorations are hung. After going non-stop for weeks, I finally have some time to relax, so I decided to start a blog. This is something I've wanted to do for a while but just never got around to it. I chose to start now for two reasons:

1. I want to document our life together. Since the newness of marriage is wearing off and we do not have children yet (much to Kyle's delight), I have gotten lazy about taking photos and making memories. This blog will hopefully help me do a better job of that.

2. I really miss writing. I used to write for a living, but since I changed roles at the Foundation in June, I haven't been writing as much, and I'm beginning to miss it. There was nothing glamorous about press releases and annual appeals, but it satisfied my appetite for putting together sentences. I never was nor am I now a fabulous writer, but …