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Fall in Stillwater is, without question, my favorite time of year. Unfortunately, I've spent less time in Stillwater this fall than I have since I moved into 309 Drummond Hall many moons ago. Between my trips out of town and a hectic work schedule, the season was passing me by. I was focusing on going, going, going, without stopping to take in the moment and appreciate all of the little things that make this wonderful place my home. 
Then, last Saturday happened, and I was reminded just how short life is. Four people lost their lives and more than 40 others were injured during what should have been the happiest weekend of the year. They don't call it America's Greatest Homecoming Celebration for nothing. I was at home during the parade getting ready to go to the game. It was hard to focus as I found myself picking up my phone every few minutes to see if there was any new information about what had happened and listening to the helicopters pass over the house. 
Kyle and I …

Heels for Hope: Our first 5k

A week after we got back from Mexico, Kyle and I ran in our first 5k. Our running journey started in August when I got Kyle to agree to train for a half marathon with me. He had talked me down from a full marathon, and I was convinced that a half would be a piece of cake. Then we went running for the first time.

I discovered just how out of shape I am and how much I hate running. Two seconds in and my face is beet read, I'm dripping in sweat and sucking in air like every breath might be my last. I like being good at things so it's been annoying that this doesn't come more naturally to me. It also doesn't help at all that Kyle could run laps around me from day one.

Nevertheless, we pressed on with the goal of our 5k in sight. Finally, the big day was here. We met Kim and the rest of the crew in OKC for the Heels for Hope race. Kim has been organizing a team in support of Diane for several years but this was our first time to get to be a part of it, and I am so glad we …

Viva Mexico!

It's been an exciting year of travel for Kyle and me. In just seven short months, we took two week-long trips outside of the country. I would love to make this a habit, but Kyle has had his least for now. We really didn't intend to vacation so big in 2015, it just sort of happened.

I was responsible for our volunteer vacation, which Kyle never really counted as a vacation in the first place. But Kyle is the mastermind behind our recent Cozumel trip. We have always wanted to go to an all-inclusive resort. When we found out we were pregnant, we thought that would be the perfect baby moon. Kyle did all of the research and booked the trip himself. It was already paid for by the time we found out about the miscarriage, but it was nice to have something to look forward to.

I was excited to go but wondered if the trip might be a little sad at the same time. The first night we were there, we watched a couple on the beach posing for pictures. She was expecting and looked abo…