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Livin' the Dream

I'm a fairly simple person. In fact, if I were an ice cream flavor, I'd probably be vanilla. Boring, I know. I sometimes dream of being strawberry, but that's a little more messy and not everyone likes strawberry, so vanilla it is. I am still learning to fully embrace this about myself.

I was playing a game with the StuFu kids on the way to our exec retreat one year. One of the questions was, if you could have any house in the world, what would it be? Haylee, our current president, said the Buckingham Palace. I believe her reasoning was because she could stay in a different room every night and she would never have to clean. What a dreamer she is! I said something extremely normal because that's just the way I think. It's not that I don't have big dreams, it's just that that my dreams aren't necessarily of the earth-shattering variety.

I dream about making an impact in someone else's life just when they need it most; being the best wife, sister, da…


So much has changed since my last post. I'm now a whole year older, which was made very apparent to me today when I was taking a survey. Instead of the 18-25 box, I'm now in the 26-35 box. I have mixed feelings about this, but overall I'm happy to have another blessed year under my belt.

Things at work have been moving right along, which is why I haven't taken time to post in the last few weeks. Hopefully I can update you about that later. For now, I'll share two things that stood out to me on the 26th anniversary of my birth.

1. I was having bad allergies that week. That is somewhat rare for me but it has been happening more and more the older I get. When I was complaining to Mom about it during one of our daily talks, she said she didn't have trouble with her allergies until she was pregnant with me. She then said, "You'll be 26, right? That's exactly how old I was when I was pregnant with you." What a strong woman she was! I can't imag…