Parker's Birth Story

We are no longer in the yellow brick house, and I haven't used this space since we moved, however, I wanted to document Parker's birth story and this seemed like a good way to do it. Enjoy this one-time return to the blog.

March 16th was my due date. At each doctor's appointment leading up to it, I came in hopeful that I was making some progress. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to change. At my last check, I wasn't even dilated to a one yet, so we set an induction date. I did a little negotiating with Dr. Shreck so he would set it later in hopes of the little man coming on his own, but in the end, we found ourselves heading to the hospital on March 19.

 We were keeping the name a secret, but we did share that it started with a 'P.' That got my office mates thinking. They had this pool going for what he would be named and when he would come. I think Kristy ended up being the closest on everything. 
This is me on my due date. Unfortunately, it came and went with no…

A Yellow Brick Farewell

Written August 18, 2017: Well it's finally happening. This weekend, we are packing boxes and preparing to move out of our little yellow brick house. I can't help but be sentimental as I think about all the life we've lived here. It has been a wonderful first home for us. We both agree that if we could pick it up and move it, we would. But it's time to start a new chapter.

Life has changed in so many ways over the past seven years. In these four walls, we have experienced it all - highs, lows and plateaus. (And no, I am not just referring to our house hunt, which was brutal for everyone.) I am so grateful for where we are today. God has blessed us in so many ways.

I started this blog to document our lives, and I am so glad to have all of these yellow brick memories to look back on. But as we enter this new chapter, I am finding my devotion to capturing the moment is often keeping me from living in it. I don't want to hold so tightly anymore. I am ready to let go of …

Revelations About Motherhood

It's a rare, rare moment around here. The sleeping baby will wake any moment, but I've somehow managed to get myself ready, pick up the house and finish this round of dish duty. So, for once, I actually have a few minutes to blog. I need to be posting Decker's 3 and 4 month updates, but I don't think I have that kind of time. So, very quickly, I'll just share some insights on motherhood. You know, since now I'm 4 months in and pretty much an expert! ;)

Over the last few months I've had some revelations about motherhood:

1. I will never, ever again have enough hands. Each morning, as we prepare to leave the house, I try to strategize about how I can get to the car in the least amount of trips. I am a fill-both-arms-with-grocery-bags-until-they-start-breaking girl and always have been. Who wants to make another trip? But now, I find myself taking 2-3 trips to the car every morning with all of our necessities for the day. So much for traveling light. And that&#…

2 Months And Counting...

Month two got off to a bit of a rocky start thanks to some nursing issues. Fortunately,  we were able to adapt and got to do some pretty fun things. That included Decker's first trip to Kansas! 
Week 5  Decker attended his first service at Life.Church. He did great and slept the whole time. We tried (unsuccessfully) to transition off the nipple shield, which led to much longer nursing sessions. We were both worn out! 
He outgrew his smaller newborn outfits/sleepers and wore his coming home outfit for the last time.
He is now startled by sounds (mainly Oliver barking at imaginary things outside)!Decker is pretty much bald on top but his hair on the sides is long enough to tuck behind his ear. It's a great look!

Week 6  Decker's eyes began changing to brown. They seem to still go back and forth, but they got much darker this week. He started sleeping 8 hours a night regularly. (We are spoiled!) He loves to take trips to visit Mommy's and Daddy's coworkers.  Decker met G…