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It's been a while since my last post, sorry about that. I have been working some extra hours on a concert for the Student Foundation, which took place last Friday. It went really well and I might post some pictures from it later on.

For now, though, I thought it would be fun to catch you up on what Kyle and I did for his birthday and Valentine's Day. I usually get Kyle tickets to a monster truck show for his birthday (he LOVES them), but this year I wanted to do something a little different, and I wanted it be a surprise.

He has been talking for months about how much he wants to go see a Thunder basketball game because he's never been. So I decided to plan a trip to Oklahoma City for his birthday. A few hours before I gave him his gift, his brother sent a text to tell him what he was giving Kyle. Wouldn't you know, it just so happened to be Thunder tickets! Greg totally stole my thunder! (pun intended) On the bright side, they were tickets to a different game, so it all …

Snowed In and Going Out of My Mind

What a week! Sorry this week's blog is a little late, but I didn't have an internet connection during the blizzard so time kind of got away from me.

To recap, last weekend was a great one for Kyle and I even though we spent most of it apart. On Saturday morning I headed to Hennessey to attend a baby shower for one of my high school friends. Several fellow Lady Eagles that I graduated with were there and it was so much fun catching up on their lives. It was definitely not the same as in years past, but we've all changed in a good way and it's nice to see what everyone is up to. I am a sucker for reunions and because our class has never had a reunion, I have to settle for seeing classmates here and there.

Since I was already in Hennessey, I decided to stay the night to spend some quality time with Asher and the rest of the family. Asher is becoming quite the little chatter box and knows so many words now! Pronunciation is not always accurate (for instance "fish" …