Snowed In and Going Out of My Mind

What a week! Sorry this week's blog is a little late, but I didn't have an internet connection during the blizzard so time kind of got away from me.

To recap, last weekend was a great one for Kyle and I even though we spent most of it apart. On Saturday morning I headed to Hennessey to attend a baby shower for one of my high school friends. Several fellow Lady Eagles that I graduated with were there and it was so much fun catching up on their lives. It was definitely not the same as in years past, but we've all changed in a good way and it's nice to see what everyone is up to. I am a sucker for reunions and because our class has never had a reunion, I have to settle for seeing classmates here and there.

Since I was already in Hennessey, I decided to stay the night to spend some quality time with Asher and the rest of the family. Asher is becoming quite the little chatter box and knows so many words now! Pronunciation is not always accurate (for instance "fish" is "ish") but for the most part, you can understand what he's saying. It's amazing the difference a couple of weeks can make!
Saturday night, we went to the Hennessey Library's Chili Cook Off, which my mom helps plan each year. Joe and Diane Garrison gave Asher these balloons. He LOVED playing with them!

He is definitely a climber, too.

How can you not love that ornery face?

After his bath, Asher likes to dance on the counter in front of the mirror. Silly boy!

His favorite toys of the moment are his horses, or "neigh neighs" as he calls them. He kept asking for a drink, so I handed him his sippy cup and he stuck his horse's head in it. How cute!

Asher has great taste because he loves to look at my wedding album.

Cousin Drew is his favorite and he looks for him on every page.

Don't mess with me, I'm a tough guy.

Our friend Tom came to Stillwater to keep Kyle company while I was away and from what I hear, they had a blast. It's nice that he gets to have a guys weekend every now and then. He definitely deserves a little R&R.

Then it was back to work, but not for long since a bad winter storm rolled in early Tuesday morning. Kyle still had to go to work, but my office was closed Tuesday and Wednesday, and opened a few hours late on Thursday.

I, like every kid in America, always pray for a snow day at the first hint of snow because, let's face it, who doesn't love a day off? This wasn't a regular snow, though. It was more like a bitterly cold, don't leave your house unless you are out of food and water (or are a car salesman) kind of snow. So after about 8 hours of me, myself and the TV, I was going crazy and definitely needed some human interaction.

The next day was even worse so I decided to be a little more productive, doing laundry, dusting, catching up on the budget, and trying to read the book I've had for over a year now but hadn't started. All of this and I was still sitting there with nothing to do at 4. I suppose that's a good thing because it made going back to work a lot easier.

Kyle woke me up at 7 a.m. on Tuesday morning to show me the snow drifts in our garage. Can you tell we need to replace these doors?

Between the boredom, I managed to get a few photos of our house from the inside. This was our front yard on Tuesday afternoon.

And the back yard...

As I write this, it's snowing outside of my window and has been for hours. There is even more snow in the forecast in a few days! It's craziness, but I am still a snow lover, and I'll take it when we can get it! Especially because I have a good husband who chauffeurs me around. :)


  1. Interesting, I too like to dance on the counter after taking a bath. Nice to know I am not alone.


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