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DC Trip: Part Two

Day 4: Monuments

By Day 4, we were starting to wear down a bit, but we had an appointment at the Washington Monument at 10 a.m. We decided to stop for breakfast beforehand at a restaurant in our neighborhood, The Coupe. We loved the coffee and the atmosphere and the food was alright. The best part for Quinn was the patio where several people sat with their dogs. I love how pet friendly Maryland is! When she started getting restless, we walked out there so she could meet them all. She wanted to hold each one. So different from her brother!

Asher's favorite part was the playground just across the street. Finally something meant for kids! We let them run out some energy before we headed out for more sightseeing.

Too busy to pause for pictures. 
Asher had been asking where all the kids play, so I am glad we found this spot. City life didn't seem that appealing to him. :) 
Some of the sights on our way to the metro. 

First stop was the Washington Monument.
With a view of Lincoln an…