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Party Poopers

With the arrival of baby Fox literally right around the corner, we have missed out on some fun celebrations lately. But I couldn't let these milestones pass without at least documenting them here.

The first was Henry's 5th birthday! It doesn't seem possible that I have another nephew crossing the 5-year-old threshold. Where did all the babies go? Henry is such a grownup these days. Stacie sent me pictures from his first basketball game just yesterday! He still loves his monster trucks and cars, and has added super heroes to the mix. That was the theme of his bowling birthday party. We were able to face time him that night. He was all excited about his gifts and said he had a great time. I don't have any pictures from the party, but here are a few from the morning of his special day.

Quinn's Elsa-themed party is this afternoon. Ever since she got an Elsa dress for Christmas, she has really enjoyed playing dress-up. She turned 3 this month! I knew we probably would…