All hands on deck...sort of

Kyle and I headed to Hennessey the weekend after I got back from my conference. Our mission was to help Mom and Dad finish the deck. We had really put their old deck to good use over the years, which left it a little worse for the ware. With warped boards and nails missing, it was time for a fresh start. This is something they'd been planning for a while, and we were happy to help them.

By the time we got there on Saturday, they'd been hard at work prying up boards and were ready for a break. Perfect timing, huh?! So the girls made dinner while the guys talked strategy for how to lay the deck the next day. After a lovely dinner and a few games of volleyball (yes, Ty and Lisa beat us twice!), we were all worn out.

 Asher had so much fun balancing on the boards. 

As we got ready for bed, I noticed Kyle was covering up with a blanket, which he never does. Turns out that wasn't a good sign because at 5 a.m. he woke up not feeling well. By 7, he was miserable and wanted nothing more than to lay in his own bed. He offered to drive himself home, but with him getting sick every half hour, I didn't think that was the best plan. So before the house woke up, we packed our things and headed back to Stillwater.

Kyle was feeling better by that evening, and it turns out, they didn't need us that badly because they finished right on schedule. That's really impressive considering they were short 4 hands and had to take some time out to give Scout and Maple multiple baths. They'd gotten sprayed by a skunk the night before! Oh what a fun surprise to wake up to.

This is what the deck looked like at the end of the day on Sunday. There were still some finishing touches left to do, but I would say that's pretty good progress!


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