Father's Day

We spent Father's Day in Mulvane. Originally we thought we'd be in Ponca, but since Greg has to work on Sundays, it just worked out better to celebrate in Kansas. Kyle and I went down the night before and stayed with Greg and Stacie. Kyle went riding with Greg SUPER early in the morning, and Jerilyn and Conner stopped by to show us their new dog, Lucy. Then the boys took their naps before Nana and Papa showed up for the cookout. It was so much fun spending some time enjoying the day together and seeing all of the fun things the boys are doing. They really are growing up SO fast! It was also great to celebrate Kyle's Dad and all he does for his family. The Fox boys have a great example to look up to as they start building their own families. Here are some pictures from the weekend.

 Lucy would crawl on her stomach under the dining room chairs. It was so precious. If only puppies never had to grow up!

 Writing on Papa's Father's Day card. 

 We all had to help blow up the kiddie pool, which got pretty hard when we were laughing at how ridiculous we looked! We managed to get it done, though. 

Here's a video of Henry showing us all of his tricks. These poor boys are always asked to perform, but you know they love it!

 They love their grandkids so much! 

 Conner's giggles are so sweet. He and Uncle Kyle have so much fun together!

 Look at all that hard work! The boys had fun, but they were a little chilly since the hot day turned very breezy with a storm moving in. 

I thought this captured just how difficult it is to get a happy picture at the end of the day. They really did have a great time, even though you can't see that here.


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