God has better plans

So the last time I left you, I was planning a trip to Kansas the Thursday of Spring Break to see my Grandparents. I always look forward to our visits to the farm every fall and spring because I can usually go with no problem. Unfortunately holidays have become a little less doable these days.

But this trip to Kansas seemed doomed from the start. First, the only time I could go was the end of the week, which is when Stacy and Josh had planned to celebrate his birthday with a trip out of town. They changed plans to accommodate but then we found out Dad couldn't come AND only one of my 10 cousins could be there. Total bummer! So when I got a call from Mom a few nights before we were supposed to leave, I thought, "What now?" She said Grandma and Grandpa called to say we could still come but they wouldn't have any gas at their house, so that means no stove-cooked meals, heat or (and this was the nail in the coffin) warm water. Mom said thanks but no thanks, come visit us instead! So that's just what they did, and it ended up working out great. I didn't get to see any of my aunts, uncles or cousins, but it was nice to spend some quality time with them in Hennessey.

This change in plans actually worked out for the best because Kyle and I got to spend a few extra days together, and I got to go to my friend's baby shower! Jessica is having her first child in May, and I absolutely cannot wait to meet baby Luke! Jessica and I grew up going to school together and got a lot closer at OSU. She was in my wedding, and I was honored to be there for hers. Unfortunately, life gets in the way and we don't see each other as often now. In fact, she's gotten pregnant and moved since the last time I saw her, so the shower was like a little reunion for us.

Me and the beautiful mom-to-be.
In addition to all of this fun, my long weekend included a lot of time with this CRAZY, energetic, hilarious, adorable little boy. I am so lucky to be his aunt.

 Watching Peter Rabbit with Grandma and Grandpa Donahue. 

 We found some noisy putty at Dollar General and Asher spent every waking hour playing with it!

We went to go see Grandpa Taylor's house since he's done some updating since I saw it last. On the way, we walked by Sash. She was barking very loudly at us and Asher kept saying (as if to convince himself), "I know you're happy. I know you're happy." 

 While we were knocking on the door, Asher realized he could still see Sash through the gate. 


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