Thanksgiving Weekend - Part 2

I was raised to respect Thanksgiving, and by respect, I mean no Christmas celebrations until after Thanksgiving is over. Hobby Lobby might start celebrating on Nov. 1 (or even before), but not the Taylor family. This makes me look forward to Thanksgiving even more because it means it’s about time to put up all the Christmas decorations, start listening to Christmas music and wrapping gifts! SO much fun!

This year was especially fun for two reasons.

1. Kyle and I got a new tree!
We picked out our new tree on our anniversary trip (aka – the weekend we spent money like crazy!). We found it at Garden Ridge, thanks to a tip from Blair. They had a ton of trees there. In fact, there were so many choices that it was a little overwhelming. In the store, none of them looked that large, but when we got it home, it barely fit. It took a little furniture moving and tweaking, but now it fits just fine.

Kyle helped me put it all together and then so graciously let me do the fluffing while he watched! I put all the ornaments on while he was at work the next day, which is probably for the best because he likes to group them all together, and I’m a little bit particular about that. All in all, it turned out great, and now I can’t wait to get home from work so I can turn on the tree!

He loved this elf and just had to get it.

Such a good looking couple!

We also went mattress shopping on our anniversary trip. We refrained from buying anything, though, because it’s important to Kyle to shop locally when we can. First thing that next Monday, we went to Furniture Showcase and bought a new bed, mattress and night stands, set to be delivered the morning after Thanksgiving, which meant no 4 a.m. shopping for me, darn it! I didn’t manage to avoid black Friday completely, though. That evening, we had some gifts to buy at Best Buy and Kyle just so happened to find a new TV for the bedroom while we were there. Imagine that?! It was a pretty good deal, though, and since we went with the bed I liked I was OK with getting the TV he liked. That being said, we are done with big purchases for a while! I just can’t take it any more!

He looks so happy. We love the new mattress, but it's so comfortable that we don't want to get out of bed in the morning!

2. Asher is finally old enough to notice a Christmas tree and get excited about it.
Despite our strict no Christmas until after Thanksgiving rule, Mom and Dad allowed us to decorate their Christmas tree the day before Thanksgiving so Kyle and I could be there. It was so much fun to watch Asher! He got so excited about the tree and wanted to hold the ornaments so badly! It figures that the glass ones would be his favorite!

It was close to his bedtime, but he did such a good job and was only fussy when it came to the picture taking portion of the evening.

Asher on his rocking horse.

He loved playing in the boxes, which occupied him for quite a while.

Once the tree was put together, he crawled in the corner and just stared at it.

I think he looks like Cindy Lou Who in this picture. The only reason I got it is because Mom was holding his attention with an ornament.

The whole gang.

Well that pretty much wraps up the weekend. Needless to say, I was pretty pooped when it came to getting ready for work this week! I’m so excited tomorrow is Friday!


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