Holiday Madness

According to the other blogs I follow, I'm a little late posting after the holidays. Thanks for showing me up ladies!

Kyle and I had great Christmas Eve/Christmas/post Christmas celebrations. It all started on Friday afternoon when Kyle got off work. (Have I mentioned lately how happy I am that he has his new job! He usually has to work the entire day on Christmas Eve, so I was really excited when he got off at noon.) At about 1:30, we headed to Mulvane, KS, after our quick Walmart trip turned into a 30 min. ordeal. Never go there on Christmas Eve. There are simply too many last minute shoppers!

Kyle's brother and sister-in-law live in Mulvane and we were so glad to see them. It's been a while since we've made the trip to their house. That night, we had Christmas Eve dinner with a few of their friends. I had never met them before, but they were so kind and hospitable. They really made us feel at home and fed us WELL! It was a very yummy dinner and I tried mint tea for the first time!

On Christmas day we headed to Ponca to celebrate with the rest of the Fox family and we got some very exciting news. Kyle's sister, Jerilyn, is pregnant! We are so excited to have another niece or nephew in the family! This will be the first grandchild for Kyle's parents, and when they told Kyle's grandma, she was dancing in the kitchen! :)

The Fox Family minus Greg and Stacie.

The proud parents to be!! :)

Kyle took a borrowed dirt bike to Ponca. He LOVES riding it, but it makes me nervous.

From there, we came back to Stillwater and exchanged gifts. Our real gift to each other is an extra mortgage payment. We decided on that a while ago because it just made more since than buying each other more things that we don't really need. However, you can't really open that on Christmas, so for fun we each spent about $10 at Dollar Tree buying stupid stocking stuffers that we thought the other would enjoy. It turned out to be a lot of fun! Kyle was like a kid again and he LOVED it!

Our Christmas

Some of Kyle's favorite gifts.

A picture of my favorite gift. Who knew the dollar store sold mini rackets that go over your Wii controllers?!

Then it was off the Surrey Hills for Christmas with the extended Taylor family and then back to Hennessey for Christmas Eve Game Night. We've had the game night tradition for several years, and even though we still play little kid games, we have a lot of fun! On Christmas morning, Asher slept in until 8:45, giving us just enough time to open gifts before Kyle had to head back for work.

Asher is ready to go! Now who is going to tell him we have to leave horsey behind?

The Taylor family minus Ty and Lisa.

It was Lisa's first game night and she and Ty played the LONGEST game of Jenga ever played!

Such great form!

Yes, Lisa is reading the directions to Guess Who in this picture! :)

The family on our "Christmas" morning. Don't you love the faux fire in the background?

Asher playing with one of his new toys! He wasn't much for opening presents after he got one that he liked.

All in all, we had a great holiday. Even though you pretty much know what to expect when families get together, there are always little surprises along the way. Some good, some not so good, but all bring you closer together. I hope you all enjoyed this Christmas season with your families, and a big hello to the Donahue clan. I'm sorry Kyle and I had to miss Christmas at the farm, but we didn't want to have another trip to the ER this year! :)

I don't have to work tomorrow, so I'll be taking down the tree and finding a new home for all my Christmas presents (they are tired of sleeping on the living room floor). Happy new year!

This one is blurry but it was just too cute not to include!

Dad and Asher went out to feed the birds and ended up taking a little wagon ride.

Asher playing with one of our gifts. Uncle Kyle picked it out!


  1. Dave Ramsey would be so extra mortgage payment. :)


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