This week has been moving week at work, and as I write this, I am sitting in my new office! I'm loving it so far, but one thing I didn't love is the process it took getting here. As I packed up my old office, I realized just how much stuff I have. It's amazing the difference a year makes! A lot of it I don't even need anymore, but there is a comfort in having it there.

When I was going through it, I went to throw things away and a little voice inside my head kept saying "but what if you ever need it." True, I like to be prepared and am not a fan of waste. However, chances are that if I ever need 80% of my clutter, I either won't remember where it is or the very fact that I have it in the first place. This will cause me to buy more stuff and then store the left overs for someday. It's a vicious cycle.

All week long I'd been trying to quiet the voice in my head and then, like a sign from God, it happened. I was pulling out of my garage a few minutes late to work and wishing I had more time. As I backed out of my driveway, I saw our neighbor hurrying to warm up his car and scrape his windshield before going wherever he was headed. As I looked at him shivering in the cold, my first thought was "I am so thankful to have a garage." (My mom said that every cold day for about three years after we moved into a house with a garage. In fact, I think she still says that.)

Then I started thinking about it and realized my neighbor has a garage, too. Unfortunately his garage is full of stuff, meaning the four cars they own live in the driveway and the street (sometimes in front of our mailbox). I'm not making judgments about the stuff in his garage, because I'm sure it's very important, I just hope that Kyle and I never get to that point, or I will NEVER be on time for work.

When we first moved into our house, I thought it would be impossible to use all of the storage space. Every homeowner I said that to laughed and said "Just wait, it's only a matter of time." Chances are they are right, but hopefully we can live a little more simply than that. If families in New York can survive in a two bedroom apartment, there is hope for us!

I feel much better after doing a little winter cleaning. It's good to declutter every now and then. Try it, you'll like it , too!

My office is a wreck now, but as soon as it's a little more presentable, I'll post some pictures.


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