Turning Two...Toy Story Style

I cannot believe it has already come and gone, but Conner celebrated his second birthday on Monday. What a blessing he has been to the whole family with his big smiles, ornery little attitude and sweet cuddles! It has been so much fun watching him grow up.  So we were excited to go to Ponca on Sunday to celebrate with the family. We got to spend pretty much the whole day there, which we haven't done in FOREVER. That town always reminds me of our dating days. Ah memories.

But back to the point. Conner had a Toy Story party and Jerilyn did a great job planning it. I think my favorite part was the soldier-topped cup cakes. The kids seemed to really enjoy themselves. I think the hardest part for Conner was opening a gift and then not getting to play with it before moving on to the next one, but he did a great job. At the end of the day, we watched a slideshow with pictures from Conner's second year. It was great. He was glued to it the entire time and when we turned the projector off, he kept looking at the wall, then back at us, then to the wall again trying to figure out why it was over already! It was so precious.

I was doing camera duty for Jerilyn, so I didn't get many photos, but Kyle snapped the party pics below. Happy birthday, Conner! May your twos be far from terrible!

 Conner loves playing with the remote. He changed the TV to Fox News, so we may have a little politician on our hands!

 He couldn't wait for the party to start playing with the balloons. 

 He's obsessed with fans, too! What is it with the males in Kyle's family (grown-ups included)?!

Getting ready to go party. 

 Stacie and Jlyn tag teamed the cake and cup cakes again this year. They were delicious! 

 Such a happy little family! 

 Conner wasn't too sure about his cake. 

 He decided to share with Daddy. Luckily this was BEFORE he stepped in it and got frosting between his toes. I love little boys.

 Henry had a good time at the party, too. 

 After the party we went out for a little Mexican food. The boys had a little trouble sitting still before the food came, but they did great. 

 Get in my belly! 

 And this is why we don't have children. Kyle was so excited to get a little Army man at the party and he played with it at the dinner table. He also gave Jerilyn a hard time for not giving him a goodie bag. :)

 It was Conner's birthday, so we had to break out the sombreros. Of course the boys couldn't be smiling for the camera at the same time.

And then it was out to the parking lot to throw rocks.


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